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Foster to Adopt

Thinking about bringing a new pet home can be met with mixed emotions, the excitement of finally having a greyhound to call your own, the worry of what it will be like when it finally happens. We get it!

That’s why Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program is excited to announce that our Foster to Adopt initiative is here to stay.

After the amazing success of our Christmas Foster Campaign where 30+ greyhounds were adopted by their foster families, we are extending it all year round.

Every interested adopter now has the option to foster for a 3-week trial period before deciding on whether or not to make it official.

3-weeks to win everyone in the family over. 3-weeks to make sure the breed is right for you. Now for the best part…If at the end of the foster period you can’t bear the thought of living life without your hound – you can adopt them!

If you are interested in trialing one of our gorgeous greyhounds, check out our available dogs here and give GAP a call to organise a meet and greet with what could be your new best friend.