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Sam McClure relishes the role of the expectant fur-father

By Phil Weir

Ah, the pitter patter of tiny little feet around the house. The promise of something new and exciting, cute and cuddly. New sounds, new mysteries, new lifestyle. It’s the same when they’re paws, not feet. And not tiny or little. There are four of them, and it’s more of a click-clack of toenails…

A new greyhound in the house, for someone who hasn’t had one before, can be daunting. Where will it sleep? Will it like us? What will it eat? What do they DO?

The multi-media sports journalist Sam McClure had these very questions recently, before taking delivery of his first ever grey, ‘Diva’. To alleviate his concerns, we brought in GAP ambassador, veteran fosterer and another multi-media performer, 3AW’s Kate Stevenson.

Using the now-familiar Zoom meeting, Sam spoke to Kate about an hour before Diva arrived at his Richmond townhouse, and it was the space available that was the first concern for Sam.

“We’ve just moved into a bigger place, but I still wasn’t sure about how much room she would need. GAP assured me it would be fine, and she has been in a smaller flat for her fostering, so she should be okay.”

Sam’s questions keep coming. “Where would she like to sleep? Should she stay downstairs or should we take the bed upstairs? What’s the ideal time for a walk? Is she going to be a barker? To be honest, it’s everything!”

Sam’s very happy with the excellent information he’s received from GAP, including the fact that Diva has a slight heart murmur, but it’s not likely to be a problem and doesn’t require medication.

Despite being the daughter of legendary Fabregas, his chosen adoptee showed no interest in racing, and was dubbed ‘Diva’ in response. Taking this cue, Sam is spoiling her, stocking up on squeaky toys, beds, and all manner of treats.

“We’re all set up. She might come and have no interest at all in any of it, but that’s okay too. We can always get some new ones.”

We’re planning a follow-up with Sam and Kate once Diva has settled in.

Sam McClure adopts his first greyhound

Getting ready for the arrival of your first greyhound can be a time of wonder. 3AW’s Kate Stevenson, a veteran fosterer, heard that her 3AW colleague and sports presenter Sam McClure had decided to adopt, and they had an interesting conversation about an hour before Sam’s dog arrived…