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Coming Otto his shell…

Otto the brindle (pictured) has come a long way in a short time since he was first adopted in January by Liz from Thomastown.

“He was very fearful of just about everything – being fed, the TV, planes, traffic – it took a while for him to actually use his beds. He was even terrified of the sound of the Velcro on his jacket,” says Liz.

Fast forward to present day and Otto has blossomed into a boisterous and confident boy who relishes the chance to meet new people and dogs, and true to greyhound form, he has also developed some rather unusual habits.

Liz explains “I might be working in the garden and I get the feeling I’m being watched. Sure enough, standing silently behind me is a dog with a stuffed toy in his mouth. Then when it’s clear he’s had his fun; he zooms back into the house.”

These daily habits have added a lot of happiness to Liz and her family’s lives, especially during this tumultuous time.

“Every morning, toys, cushions, shoes, doorstops are moved from one bed to another and back again. In this unbelievable time, he makes us laugh and walking him and loving him keeps the good things of life in focus.”