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Going above and beyond for inseparable golden oldies

Rose Streatfeild is the GAP Volunteer and Foster Coordinator for GRV’s Greyhound Welfare and Rehoming Department, and she is known to go above and beyond the call of duty to help these beautiful dogs find homes.

When GAP received a call from an owner who could no longer home his elderly greyhounds, Rose was the one who welcomed Tommy (11) and Zeta (14) into her Mooroolbark home back in October. She saw that they were senior dogs who wouldn’t be comfortable in a kennel environment, and she felt compelled to foster the inseparable golden oldies.

“It’s been pretty fun having them around,” Rose said. “They are really opposite in their personalities. Tommy is bubbly and likes going up to people. Zeta is more reserved being the old girl that she is. Considering it was a huge move for them, they’ve handled it quite well and it’s good to see them evolve and come out of their shells.”

In addition to her work at GRV, Rose has been fostering greyhounds on and off since 2010. “It’s quite unusual to have dogs for so long,” she said regarding Tommy and Zeta. “Foster care is usually three to four weeks, but even in three weeks, you see a lot of changes in greyhounds. It’s why foster caring is so great. They all have different characteristics and different things to show you – the fun part is getting to see their personalities.”

Tommy and Zeta are a delightful pair who have lived together for many years and are now looking for a quiet home to spend the rest of their days. GAP was aiming to adopt the duo into the same house during the recent Seymour Adoption Weekend. While the event was a big success and a record number of greyhounds found homes, sadly Tommy and Zeta were some of the few remaining at the end of the event.

Since then, GAP put out a special request to its community to help these two find a home. We’re pleased to announce that Tommy and Zeta have found a new home in Montmorency with Anja. Their new owner is a sweetheart who has already adopted four elderly greyhounds and found it in her heart to add the pair to her loving home.

The follow up article will have more information about Anja and her greyhounds…

Zeta’s received a birthday cake on her 14th birthday

Zeta’s received a birthday cake on her 14th birthday.

Tommy has found life pretty comfortable in foster care at Rose's home.

Tommy has found life pretty comfortable in foster care at Rose’s home.