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Deputy Chair applauds GAP Adoption Event

Last weekend, Peita Duncan, GRV’s Deputy Chair, joined Simone Fisher on RSN’s Talking Greyhounds to discuss the fantastic results from the GAP’s 3-Day Adoption Event.

“It was just amazing,” she said. “It’s been a phenomenal success and beyond what we expected. Even on the day, at our GAP adoption facility, it was very hot, but people were flocking in and taking home their forever pups. We’re thrilled with the results.”

A record 111 greyhounds were adopted on January 18-19 and the third day of the event was cancelled because all of the available greyhounds had already found homes.

This was the first time GAP has waived its $75 adoption fee, so Simone asked whether Peita thought the waived fee contributed to the event’s success.

“I don’t really think so, I think it was an added bonus,” Pieta said. “With all of the Adoption Days we run, we have more people wanting dogs than we have dogs… It was just a goodwill gesture from GAP to say we know we’re asking you to travel to Seymour to see the dogs, and we just thought it was the right thing to do in this instance.”

Peita explained the streamlined adoption process that takes place at GAP Adoption Days and aims to match people with the right dogs for their lifestyles. She also noted GAP’s lifetime return policy, in which a greyhound can be returned at any time should circumstances change for any reason.

In addition to finding so many greyhounds new homes, the Minister of Agriculture, Jaclyn Symes, attended the event on Friday to present $50,000 in funding for the Greyhound Adoption Program.

“The Victorian Government have been a staunch supporter and we really appreciate that. We now have $50,000 that will be used towards our facilities at GAP because we want to change the galloping yards and some of the kennels, and upgrade the office spaces, so that was a much needed and appreciated contribution from the government,” Peita said.

Simone and Pieta agreed that it’s also great for the industry that the new Minister of Agriculture grew up with greyhounds and has an intimate knowledge of the sport.

“She’s been involved with greyhounds all her life and she’s just a delight,” Peita said. “She really understands the industry and cares about our participants and the dogs.”

To listen to the full interview on RSN’s Talking Greyhounds, click here: