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Is there any room at your ‘Inn’ this Christmas?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! From mid-December, you have the opportunity to see what it’s like to have a beautiful greyhound in your home and experience the breed firsthand! We have over sixty greyhounds looking for short term foster care for Christmas.

At Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program, we absolutely love our dogs, but we can’t take them all home over Christmas. Can you help?

We would love to find as many foster carers as possible for four to six weeks over the Holidays to provide some love and education to our retired racing dogs, who just want to retire and spread their own special brand of love.

These dogs are keen to learn about life in a domestic home, with people, other pets, noises, and experiences we humans take for granted. Many of them have grown up in a quite different environment.

It’s a bit like us – we’ve worked most of our lives, and the time comes to put our feet up. In a greyhound’s case, all four of them!


How do I sign up?

If you have fostered with us before, the process is a little bit different (but much easier) this year! Either way, register your interest by completing this form and we will be in touch to lock in the finer details soon.

What do I need?

You will need to provide something comfy to sleep on and bowls for food and water. GAP will provide food, any required medication, collar, leash and a muzzle.

I have a cat - can I foster?

Unfortunately, this year we are unable to accommodate homes with cats.

I live in an apartment - can I foster?

Limited fosters are available for apartments or homes with courtyards / small backyards.

I have young kids at home or grandkids visiting over the holidays. Will they get along?

The more the merrier! Our foster team will help match you to a greyhound that is going to be suitable, not only for your home environment, but for your family too.

I have the smallest, fluffiest dog ever but I'd love to be a foster carer. Are they okay with small dogs?

Our greyhounds have all been assessed with other dogs of all different sizes and breeds. Some are suitable to live with small dogs and some would prefer not to. Our foster team will help match a greyhound based on your circumstances.

If I fall in love with my foster, can I adopt?

ABOLUTELY! When you submit your application, please let us know whether you have any interest in adopting your foster, even if you’re not 100% sure right now.

I'm too excited and I want to pick up my foster ASAP!

Pick-ups will commence from Friday December 8th with the last pick-up date being Sunday December 17th.

How long will the greyhound be with me?

Depending on your pick-up date, they will be in your home for 4-6 weeks to learn all about pet life. If you don’t adopt, drop offs will commence Friday January 12th until Saturday 20th January.

Where can I pick-up/drop-off?

  • GAP Tulla – 444 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine
  • Sandown Greyhound Club – View Road Car Park, Springvale
  • GAP Seymour – 298 Goulburn Valley Highway, Seymour


Here are just some of the very special greyhounds looking for foster care this Christmas! Please let us know who your favourite three are, and if they seem to be a good match then we will try our best to reserve one of those dogs for you.

Christmas fostering is a great way to see if greyhounds are the right dog for you. Best of all, if you fall in love and want to adopt your foster dog, you can!

For more information about foster caring, check out our videos here.