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RECAP: Last Night’s Adoption Info Session

Last night GAP held its Adoption Information Session, which was presented by Larissa Hubbard, GAP Adoption Manager, and mediated by Ben Pritchard, Community Engagement Manager.

This online session is one of four that will be held, each Wednesday during the month of April, as part of a month-long series of events, both in-person and online to celebrate National Adoption Month and all things Greyhounds.

The session kicked off just after 7 pm and was attended by 50 people all ready and eager to hear about how GAP matches greyhounds to their forever homes and the steps that must be taken to adopt a grey.

Key takeaways on the night include:

  • If you have a male dog and would like to adopt a second, Larissa recommends adopting either a male or a female. If you have a female dog, however, she suggests adopting a male dog as often 2 females together don’t always get along.
  • Before adopting a greyhound, make sure your fences are secure. Although greys don’t tend to jump over fences, they are opportunists so if they can find a way to get out of your yard they will. Also, get in the habit of keeping all food up high and out of reach, as greys will steal food off your coffee table or kitchen bench.
  • If you are considering getting a doggy door for your greyhound, be very careful. If a greyhound can fit through the doggy door so too could an intruder.
  • The use of extension leads is not recommended. They can get wrapped around people’s or dogs’ legs and can cause a lot of injuries.
  • Greyhounds can feel the heat and the cold. That is why you see so many greyhounds wearing all sorts of clothing. Yes, it’s fashionable, but it’s also very practical as they can get very cold during winter.

This is just the beginning! So much was covered on this one session, and we’re sure that those who attended found it very beneficial.


Adoption Info Session Pic