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RECAP: Last night’s Dr. Bec Info Session

For those that attended Dr. Bec’s information session last night, I am sure you would agree that it was very informative! Dr. Bec, who has been the in-house veterinary surgeon at GAP for eight years, went through her most frequently asked questions when it comes to greyhounds.

From dandruff, pannus, corns, and even bowel movements, no subject was off-limits and Bec endeavoured to address each concern using her vast knowledge of the breed.

Did you know that it’s completely normal for a newly adopted greyhound to have a solid first poo, but then the next one is… well, not so solid! Or did you know that it’s recommended you feed your greyhound upwards of 1800 Kilocalories per day? Now you do, and it’s all thanks to Bec.

The hour and a half session, also saw Bec answer close to thirty questions from those that attended.

This online session is one of four that will be held each Wednesday during the month of April as part of a month-long series of events, both in-person and online to celebrate National Adoption Month, and all things Greyhounds.

To find out more about our other Information Sessions or the upcoming National Adoption Days event, please head HERE.