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Sometimes one is not enough

Leandro Dos Santos adopted two greyhounds when he attended the National Greyhound Adoption Day at The Meadows.

Leandro turned up at The Meadows greyhound racing track in his Mercedes coupe, which was a squeeze for the greyhounds he chose, Zara and Sachin. Sachin claimed the entire back seat for himself on the trip home, leaving Zara to squeeze in the front.

Leandro knew something had to give. Six days later he was visiting car yards and bought a station wagon. He is also considering making some adjustments to his townhouse to accommodate the dogs.

The Caulfield South resident is delighted with his new pets. He decided to adopt two because he works full-time and preferred not to leave one dog at home alone during work hours.

He notes that they have different personalities. He says Sachin, who is quite a large dog, is “a big marshmallow” who plays gently with small dogs and puppies at the local park.

“He is very mellow, he will sit with me for hours.” Zara is more active and is still getting used to a few basics such as walking calmly on a leash, but Leandro is surprised at how quickly she is learning.

“She has already improved 100 per cent in a few days. They are beautiful dogs.”

Zara featured in one of GAP’s wonderful videos as she was soaking in the bathtub and washing her “hair”.