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Baxter GAP reaches Dizzy heights as greyhound number 400 finds a new home

The Greyhound Adoption Program’s (GAP) centre at Baxter on the Mornington Peninsula has re-homed its 400th greyhound, Dizzy.

The number is a milestone for the centre at Baxter which was established just over two years ago to support the main GAP headquarters in Seymour and service the south-eastern suburbs and Gippsland.

Nathan Kriening and fiancée Ashlee Cooper felt sure they had found the right dog when they met Dizzy, who has been renamed Jet out of consideration for Nathan’s human mate Dizzy.

“He is jet black and fast so it’s appropriate,” says Nathan.

They went to Baxter “just looking”. They met a few dogs, then they were introduced to Dizzy. The new addition to their home in Keysborough must also get along with two kelpies, four-year-old Digger and Scooby who is fourteen and a half.
It was Scooby’s advanced years that started Nathan thinking about getting another companion for Digger so he wasn’t on his own when the older dog does eventually pass away.

“Dizzy was the sixth dog we saw and we fell in love with him. We were looking for a dog that was a good match for us who would get along with our kelpies. We are both outgoing people and he was the first dog to came up to both of us. He wasn’t shy at all,” Nathan said. “He is definitely fitting into the clan.”

Greyhound Racing Victoria CEO Alan Clayton congratulated Michelle Fisher who manages the Baxter centre and the GAP team on achieving this marvellous milestone.

“We knew there were people around the city and in the south-east who were interested in fostering and adopting greyhounds, so we leased some kennel space on the Mornington Peninsula,” Mr Clayton said.

“When I visited Baxter, I couldn’t believe how busy it was – no-one had time to talk to me, there were people and dogs coming in and out.

“It has been very successful, and we are soon to open a dog café, City GAP on the edge of the city – a community hub where prospective greyhound fosterers, adopters and greyhound owners can meet, enjoy each others’ company and get information about GAP.

“GAP’s success is an indication of the growing demand for these wonderful, gentle dogs. In the 2017 financial year Victoria’s GAP centres re-homed over 1300 greyhounds, which is a record. GAP is a world-class re-homing program, you won’t find a better program anywhere.”

Ms Fisher said the centre is open most weekends, by appointment only.

She said adoptions began slowly in 2015, averaging three dogs each weekend, which grew to four dogs last year and now averages six dog every weekend.

“We get people coming from the northern suburbs and the inner city, all through the south and from Gippsland. There is a lot on interest on this side of town and it has been terrific that GAP has been able to grow with the demand.”

For more information about adopting a greyhound, GAP or the Baxter centre go to: email:

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