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Baxter celebrates 200th greyhound adoption

Earlier in the year the Greyhound Adoption Program celebrated their 20th birthday and to add more candles to the cake the Baxter facility just watched Jobe become their 200th adoption.
“Jobe is so special!” new owner Kathryn Marshall explained.
“For me it was a combination of him being a big male dog and the fact he raced a bit. There is something about the dogs who have raced – I think they are a bit wiser,”
Living in an apartment, Kathryn originally chose a greyhound because they were relatively lazy and she doesn’t have a big backyard.
“I work full time as well so I need a dog that was comfortable enough to be left at home. As long as they are walked everyday they are absolutely fine,” Kathryn continued.
Baxter Program Manager Michelle Fisher has always had confident that the Baxter facility would thrive because of the location.
“Potential adoptees are generally coming from the south eastern suburbs like the Mornington Peninsula as well as Gippsland. Quite a few city dwellers and some whose only option to view the dogs is on a Sunday,” Michelle explained.
The relationship between the ‘Dogs Country & Kennel Resort’ which is located in Baxter has developed over the past year with around 90% of people heading to the premises taking home a greyhound of their own. Baxter houses up to eight greyhounds at a time during the final stages of their adoption.
If you are interested in visiting the Baxter facility for your next or first greyhound, arrangements can be made by either calling the Seymour office on 5799 0166 or emailing the Greyhound Adoption Program via
“Baxter is available by appointment on Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 2pm to view any of the available dogs,” Michelle explained.