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GAP Partners with Luxury Five Star Kennel in Melbourne’s South East

The Greyhound Adoption Program is now more easily accessible than ever thanks to a brand new relationship with the ‘Dogs Country Club & Kennel Resort’ located at Baxter, just a 45 minute drive south east of Melbourne’s CBD.

The first lot of greyhounds arrived at the established boarding facility this week, with the venue being described as a five star hotel for canines in which they have their own room (or double room if preferred) complete with television, couch, doggy toys and personal yard to roam around in.

The Baxter facility will house eight greyhounds at a time during their final phase of being prepared for adoption.

“We will be conducting two ‘adoption days’ out of Baxter each week, with an aim to adopt out eight greyhounds on each of those days, which would mean a total of 16 adoptions per week,” said Greyhound Adoption Program Strategic Projects Manager, Sean Stanton.

“The application process will remain the same, with people filling in an application on line and being matched to a suitable greyhound over the phone from our headquarters in Seymour.”

“So the adoptions that take place at Baxter will all be pre-arranged, with the venue serving purely as a pick up location for new adopters.”

Stanton said the Baxter facility would provide a relatively central alternative for adopters to pick up their new pet greyhounds at a location just minutes from Melbourne’s Peninsula Link freeway.

“Melbourne’s South East & Peninsula precincts are fast growing areas and we receive a lot of applications from that region. Baxter is on the opposite side of Melbourne to Seymour and is easy to get to, so it ticks all the boxes in terms of making it easier for Melbournians to adopt greyhounds as pets,” he said.

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