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Chatter Beans

THERE’S a little routine which takes place in the Landy household each morning, and it all begins with one very excited greyhound.

It wasn’t hard for Kim to pick a favourite feature in her greyhound Bean, which her and husband Nick have had for nearly three months now.

“Every morning when she’s finished sleeping, we’ll wake to find her standing at the bedroom door, and then she will come in and jump all over you and get excited,” Kim said.

“Her jaw chatters – it’s a little greyhound thing – and she will get so excited because she knows it’s time for a walk.”

Kim and Nick decided to adopt a greyhound after needing a dog that would easily adapt to their busy lifestyle.

“We were talking to people about it, and Nick’s sister who is a vet, suggested a few options,” the dog owner said.

“She said greyhounds would be our best bet as far as a relaxed dog, but one which still likes to get out.”

Kim said she had known about the Greyhound Adoption Program since she was a child because her parents wanted to adopt.

“We were always going to adopt, there are so many dogs out there which need a home,” she said.

The professional photographer described Bean as a “couch potato” and said she will often try and steal their morning coffee off the table.

Kim said it was quite a surprise for Nick when she brought Bean home from Seymour, as she initially went out there just for a visit.

“It was a big surprise for him when he came home for her to be there,” she said.

“He wanted a dog more than me, he loves having her and he’s never had a dog just of his own before.”

The couple got Bean around the same time as they moved into their Coburg home, and Kim said they’ve managed to get her into a bit of a routine now.

“She’s settled in now, it took her a while to come out of her shell,” she said.

“She was very quiet and shy but she is great, super friendly and knows that we are her family now.”


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