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VIDEO: Get up close and personal with adorable greyhounds at our upcoming Adoption Day

Ever wondered what it’s like to meet a greyhound?

Greyhounds are lightning fast, and capable of running around 70kph. But what you may not know is that they are also among the calmest, laziest, friendliest pets around, and are suited to virtually any household environment.

Because greyhounds are bred purely for racing, a lot of people don’t get the chance to meet and interact with this captivating breed.

However, the Greyhound Adoption Program is set to host an ‘Adoption Day’ on Sunday 10 July at Beckley Park racetrack in Geelong, giving the general public an obligation-free opportunity to interact with dozens of friendly former racing greyhounds that are available for adoption.

Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program is currently on track to surpass its annual record of 847 adoptions in a year, which was achieved in 2015.

It costs just $75 to adopt a greyhound from the Greyhound Adoption Program, and all dogs that come through the program are awarded a special green collar, which exempts them from wearing a muzzle in public.

To register for our next Adoption Day on Sunday 10 July at Geelong, please click HERE

Beckley Park is located in Broderick Road, Corio – an easy 45 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD heading into Geelong.