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VIDEO: 70/70 a Perfect Score for Greyhound Adoption Day

Australia’s record for the number of greyhounds finding new homes in a single day has been blown out of the water today at The Meadows.

Seventy greyhounds were available at today’s Adoption Day at The Meadows, with all 70 finding new homes.

The previous record in a single day in Australia was 35.

More than 80 staff and volunteers – including four from South Australia’s Greyhound Adoption Program – were out in force to help make this day a success.

The lucky last greyhound to find a home was Yoda (pictured), a white female greyhound who, once matched to a home, received a huge round of applause by everyone in attendance.

The Adoption Day was scheduled to run from 11:00am-3:00pm, however all greyhounds were snapped up by 2:14pm.

WATCH:Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program held it’s biggest ever Melbourne Adoption Day on 1 May, 2016.


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