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Dazzling Dave A Star At GAP

Dave, the most famous office dog in Australia, has been instrumental in helping grow the Greyhound Adoption Program’s Facebook page, posing for many photos that have increased the pages visibility.

Dave, is not only cute, friendly and lovable but he is also a survivor.

As a puppy, Dave was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition when he was vaccinated at eight weeks which shocked owner, Larissa Darragh. The vet said that he would be lucky to live for two years and that his heart could fail at any moment.

“The vet prescribed him heart medication after the initial condition was found to try and fix the problem.”

“When he was checked again four months ago, the condition was found to have almost completely repaired itself and the vet now believes he will have a normal life expectancy,” a relieved Darragh said.

“He still has a heart murmur and will need to stay on the medication for his entire life but it was because we were able to act on the problem when he was so young that we were able to save him.”

When it was discovered that Dave would not be able to race because of his condition, Larissa brought him into the GAP office to share some time with the late, Miles.

Miles was the GAP office greyhound for a marvellous eight years and was the perfect advertisement for how wonderful greyhounds are as pets.

Dave was supposed to live for only two years but beat his heart condition.

Dave was supposed to live for only two years but beat his heart condition.

“At the time the issue was discovered, we knew that Miles didn’t have much longer to live because of his cancer,” an emotional Darragh said.

“We brought Dave in to join the team because we knew that Miles would be able to teach him a few things before he passed.”

“He has fitted in perfectly and while he will never be able to replace Miles, he is loved by all of us dearly.”

Dave has taken the Greyhound Adoption Program Facebook page by storm since its launch in November.

His antics have helped grow the page and endear greyhounds to the public.

“He has a cheeky personality and always wants to get involved in our daily activities.”

“He will hang out down in the kennels with the staff when they are cleaning and feeding and he loves to ‘help’ when we are testing the new greyhounds.”

“He greets all our visitors with a big smile and a wagging tail and is a wonderful addition to the staff here.”

Dave’s survival is an added chapter to the important story of his life. He is a vital part of the team at GAP and has played in big role in promoting how well greyhounds adapt to life as pets.


(Left) Dave dressed as a Giraffe (Right) Dave enjoying his new bed.