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Not another zoom meeting – this is a ZOOMIE meeting!

No, not that kind of zoom – no disembodied faces on the screen and endless calls of “you’re on mute!” – this was the zoom of the quickest athletes in the world – Greyhounds! They do ‘zoomie’ meetings, right there in your office.

GAP greys have been taking requests, and lately there have been an increasing number of invitations to visit CBD office buildings, just to add a bit of long-dog love to the day. Last week it was the turn of the workers at 839 Collins Street in Docklands to be introduced to Chester (fawn) and Xhale (black), with their minders Gabby, Mia and Hannah.

GAP Adoption Manager Meagan Thomas says it’s no real surprise these dogs draw a crowd. “They never fail to attract attention, and charm everyone they meet. At this event we even had one lady who brought her own treats from home. Apparently, it was the most popular activation the office has had since covid.”

“It’s also a great distraction for the workers and brightens their day. Despite thinking their management might not appreciate the distraction, it’s the management that organises our visits.”

Meagan adds “We can’t wait to do more of these visits. We never get tired of seeing how much our greyhounds create smiles and warm hearts. Give us a call and we’ll see if we can arrange a zoomie meeting!”

Any business or property managers who would like to arrange a zoomie meeting should contact