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Families open their hearts at National Adoption Day

Twenty greyhounds found their forever homes at Victoria’s National Adoption Day event at Sandown Park on Saturday.

Among them was Jimmy, a former superstar of the track who raced under the race name of Spearhead and once contested a $100,000 to-the-winner Group 1 final at Sandown.

“We had been debating all week (about which greyhound we wanted to adopt) and we kept coming back to Jimmy,” said adopter Suzanna.

“He’s our first greyhound so we’re in this at the deep end.”

Also finding a home was Cola, who was adopted by Peter and Julie after they spotted her through the glass while lining up.

“We wanted a dog that was personable and really friendly,” Peter said. “She was really engaged with us and gave me a kiss on the head.”

While registrations were up on the day, inclement weather kept some away, while others were there to learn more about the breed with a view to adopting in the future.

As such a few greyhounds missed out on being adopted on the day, however they were returned to Greyhound Adoption Program headquarters in Seymour until they find their forever homes.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound you can book an appointment to visit GAP’s facilities at Seymour or Tullamarine HERE

As part of the National Greyhound Adoption Day celebration here in Victoria, GAP had conducted various information sessions leading up to the event. Check them out below.