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GAP: going many, many extra miles in the days of lockdown

Leah Brookes, the Greyhound Adoption Program’s Adoption Coordinator and social media sensation, has attributed the program’s continuing services to the versatility of the GAP team.

“Were a really adaptable bunch” she told listeners to RSN’s Saturday Morning Greyhounds program. “The team goes above and beyond. Its’ a fantastic place to work.”

Stage four lockdowns in the Melbourne area mean many people are unable to get to Seymour, where the adoption and foster process would usually take place, so GAP applied the old adage about bringing the mountain to the people and started greyhound home delivery, for adoptions and fosters.

Leah explains “The adoption procedure is still the same. We’ve become really good at matching people and dogs, but now we just do it voice-to-voice rather than face-to-face. Everything is just in a more ‘virtual’ manner. We can explain the dog’s temperament, what they’re like and what they can expect. If it doesn’t work for whatever reason we will always take the dog back.”

“A few times a week we load up the van and head out on a journey to deliver new mates to new homes. We’ve been all over the state. Really doing the extra miles.”

The demand for greyhound hasn’t abated with the onset of COVID. IN fact, according to Leah, it’s increased. “The need for companionship has really increased in these times.”

Of course, the program is all about supply and demand, and as the demand increases so does the need for dogs entering the program. Owners and trainers who are looking to retire their dogs to GAP are urged to do so now. There is little or no wait time for pre-assessments, with eight sessions made available for October.

The attraction of a greyhound is simply explained by Leah. “They’re just an endless source of hilarity and love. It doesn’t matter what you look like, or what time of the day it is, you’re always their favourite person.”

Potential adopters should register their interest at GAP.GRV.ORG.AU and keep an eye on the available dogs. Trainers and owners looking to enter their dogs to GAP can book a pre-assessment by emailing GRV Racing Services or phoning 8329 1100.