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One Greyhound Isn’t Enough, Just Ask Rodney & Sean

In January this year, Rodney and his partner Sean adopted Barney. With his pure white coat, one blue and one brown eye and his hearing impairment, Barney was one of the most unique greyhounds looking for a forever home during GAP’s 3 Days of Adoption event.

Rodney and Sean had to quickly adapt to having not just a greyhound but a deaf greyhound: “It took a few weeks for Barney not to get startled every time we moved about or just gave him a simple pat. Now you wouldn’t even know he is deaf. We have been teaching him different hand gestures for going outside to potty, bedtime, thumbs up for good boy and teaching him to stay,” says Rodney.

With Barney slotting into their lives so seamlessly, the couple soon decided that a second greyhound was in order.

Rodney explains, “Greyhounds are the perfect pet to suit our lifestyle. They are so gentle and loving and are absolute couch potatoes. They just adore the simple things in life like a walk around the block daily and their crazy zoomies in the backyard (or as Barney does…along the couch, causing mayhem with all the cushions) They love a nice place to snooze (all day !!!) and they are quite fond of a toy or two. We soon knew we had more love to adopt another grey!”

And so, just a couple of weekends ago they welcomed Betty a gorgeous brindle girl into their lives. At first, Barney and Betty weren’t so sure about each other. She also wasn’t too sure about a particular water feature in the couple’s backyard as Rodney recalls, “Betty on her first day at home took a dip in the water feature feet first and bum up. She soon released ‘Ohh Poo, I’m stuck!’ All we could see was her butt and back legs hanging over the wall! Safe to say she has never gone fishing since.”

Despite a couple of setbacks, it’s now all smooth sailing with both dogs getting along and even showing a few similarities in their personalities and behaviour.

“Barney and Betty sleep and eat together, and they are both best buddies with Kitty Wu, the household domestic cat. They both love cuddles and to stretch out on their beds. Betty loves to sit and watch the birds in the garden and is very fond of a bit of TV at night, whereas Barney enjoys his own space to daydream.”

Barney has become a star in his own right at the primary school Sean teaches at. Whenever he accompanies Sean to school, he is doted on by the kids. Despite being deaf, Barney rather enjoys having the children sit beside him and read him a story or two as he takes one of his many daily naps.

“These dogs have hearts of gold. Our two have bought us so much joy and laughter, they are definitely a breed overlooked as pets. Every day is interesting, I can’t recommend adopting a grey more highly. Their chattering is adorable and their cute dripping snoots! Greyhounds make the perfect pet for us. These gorgeous dogs have so much love to give and they devote themselves to their owners.”