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Marshall Makes Some Friends – Fostering in Isolation

Hi everyone! Welcome to week two! this week Marshall has been a super good social boy. We started the week with an introduction to my (Ben) mum and dads dogs, a spoodle (Harry) and a Toy poodle (Lucy). We were a bit cautious and as per advice form Rose from GAP we met on the street around the corner form mum and dads house and walked Harry and Marshall together back to the house. After a fair bit of initial excitement both parties calmed down and walked so politely together. Once we had done 2 rounds of the block, keeping a social distance of course, we ventured into the backyard, Harry’s territory.


After a massive amount of sniffing around I asked my sister to throw a ball for Harry to see how Marshall would react to him running around the backyard, and to say that Marshall was disinterested was a massive understatement. Marshall did not care at all that the little fluffy spoodle was running circles around the backyard, So proud of lil Marshy! I then tested fate and let him off lead in the back yard, Marshall enjoyed running around so much and so did my family, looking at this greyhound run like an uncoordinated gazelle around the trees and through the garden. Marshall was then allowed inside mum and dads house while we watched TV, Marshall was so exhausted from his run around and social interactions, that he just napped, with some slight interruptions form Harry, who was just checking to see if he wanted to play together again.


Marshall spent the rest of the week back in his house (our house) and got to know us a bit more, he began to push a few boundaries. We have had to make sure that the couch is a no go zone unless he is invited up, he has been jumping up on the window sill and barking at us both working from the dining room, so we put a stop to that immediately. He has however overall been the best buddy during self-isolation and his daily walks not only exercise him, but also keep me and Megan sane.


Marshall has also become accustomed to loud music and the smell of a nice pinot in the air on weekends as Megan and myself invite him in to sit with us and listen to music until all hours of the night. He has become well acquainted with the neighbour’s kids and they love giving him pats and playing tug of war with him and his toys. All in all a very social week for lil marshmellow (as his he now known in doggy RAP circles)

Our number 1 tip of the week! – instill routine and manners in your dog. By making sure we are stern with Marshall when he is doing things, we don’t want to happen he is learning fine, and keeping him in a routine from day to day has helped massively in his development since day 1!

Until the final week
Ben, Megan and Marshall x


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