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Schoolgirls give that GAP may grow

As the Greyhound Adoption Program continues to grow, so too does its army of volunteers.

And that hearty group of volunteers come in all shapes, colours, sizes and ages.

At just 11 years of age, Mia Purcell and Acacia Wright-Hall are two of the younger active GAP volunteers. For the past six months the pair have been tirelessly baking, sewing and potting plants to raise awareness and funds for the cause so dear to their hearts.

The altruistic school students, who aspire to be vets when they grow up, have spent most of their weekends and time after school setting up stalls out the front of their homes to sell trinkets and baked goods as well knocking on their neighbours’ doors and asking for donations.

“It has been really inspiring seeing the girls so passionate about the cause. They just love greyhounds and wanted to do something to give back,” Mia’s mum Ingrid said.

“They even met with their school principal and organise to sell their items during lunch.”

The girls managed to raise $500 which they used to buy a range of goodies includes dog treats and toys. After hearing about the months of dedication and hard work, the two girls were invited to GAP’s headquarters in Seymour last week to personally give their gifts to the greyhounds and see the fruits of their labour.

As a gesture of gratitude from the GAP staff, Mia and Acacia were given the honour of personally naming two greyhounds, which now go by Kiko and Uncle Alex.

To see more of Mia and Acacia’s visit please watch the video below.