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Busy Start to Royal Melbourne Show Campaign

The greyhound breed traditionally receives no greater exposure than during the Royal Melbourne Show, which is currently in full swing during the school holidays.

This year the Greyhound Adoption Program stand is located in Kids Zone, which draws Melburnians through by the thousands every day.

“There’s no better advertisement for greyhounds as pets than the greyhounds themselves.”

“We’ve had a great run with the weather in the first few days of the show, so we are getting plenty of (foot) traffic through the stall,” said Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Suzana Bojkovski.

People are naturally curious about greyhounds because of their athletic appearance and their unique background, which stems from the fact they are bred for racing.

“Passersby ask plenty of questions and our volunteers are doing a great job dispelling any myths about greyhounds needing a lot of exercise and being aggressive, which unfortunately is the perception because they wear muzzles when they are racing,” Bojkovski said.

Greyhounds are known for their calm natures, however all precautions are being taken to ensure the greyhounds at the stand aren’t being overwhelmed by the busy crowds.

“The greyhounds love the attention, but it can be tiring for them so we regularly rotate their shifts and give them enforced rest periods every couple of hours. This is just to make sure that they don’t get too overwhelmed by the constant attention that greyhounds tend to attract,” Bojkovski added.

The Royal Melbourne Show will be running every day until Wednesday 1 October.