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Greyhound Info

Below are a series of Fact Sheets covering a variety of topics that you might find interesting and relevant – some are aimed at those thinking of adopting a greyhound, and others answer a variety of common health and behaviour questions that the staff at GAP have been regularly asked over the years.

We are always adding to our list of fact sheets, so check back often, and if you have any ideas for topics that you think might be of assistance to other greyhound owners, please let the GAP staff know (insert gap email here).


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Thinking Of Adopting

Are you ready to adopt

Greyhounds, muzzles and being off-lead in public

GAP Green Collar Assessments


Greyhound Health & Well-Being


Cold weather and your greyhound

Eye disease – Panus

Hydatid tapeworm

Heat stress & heat stroke

Greyhound foot problems – Corns

Regular health examination

Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma)

Understanding Vaccinations

Grass seeds


Laws For Greyhounds

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Training & Behaviour

Keeping everyone safe – Dogs & children

Understanding aggression


Toilet training

Jumping up

Thunderstorms & fireworks

Adding a baby to the family

Pulling on the lead