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Every Greyhound Has a Story

Every Greyhound Has a Story

In 2014, Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program launched a photographic exhibition titled ‘Every Greyhound Has a Story’, which was showcased in galleries right across Victoria. Many of the stories told at the exhibition have now been brought to life through this emotive video series.

Chapter 1: Fred Basset


Comedy duo Hamish Blake & Andy Lee captured the imagination of fans when their greyhound, Fred Basset drew record crowds to racetracks all over Australia before being adopted by the Copley family in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. More

Chapter 2: Jordan & Monty


When a greyhound named Monty was adopted into a Ballarat home in 2009, it changed the lives of his new owners, particularly Jordan, who was just nine years old at the time. “Jordan was a boy who always lacked self confidence,” Jordan’s mum Cassie Sanders said. “When we adopted Monty it changed him completely.” More

Chapter 3: Kerry, Jolanda & Mouse


Mouse is one of a growing number of greyhounds to have adapted to an apartment lifestyle. She is renowned for visiting local canine-friendly eateries and cafes throughout Melbourne with her proud owners Jolanda and Kerry Oosthuizen-Walker. More

Chapter 4: Aged Care


Greyhounds are quiet, friendly and cooperative creatures who bring smiles to the faces of countless Victorians in aged care facilities, many of whom are missing the interaction they once had with their own pet that they can no longer live with. More

Chapter 5: Derarca, Cena & Geordie


Fostering a former racing greyhound named Cena to help prepare him for life as a household pet proved a life-changing moment for Derarca O’Mahony of Malvern East. Within two hours she realised there was no way she was going to give him back. More

Chapter 6: Westerfolds Park


There is no better advertisement for greyhounds as pets than interaction with the dogs themselves, and that’s what makes regular greyhound walks such as the one at Westerfolds Park in Melbourne’s east so worthwhile. More

Chapter 7: Don & Jenny Graham


Few people are as dedicated to re-homing former racing greyhounds than Don & Jenny Graham. More

Chapter 8: Peggy-Lou Athorn


When a greyhound blood donor saved the life of Peggy-Lou Athorn’s pet bull-terrier, she promised that one day she would repay the debt to the docile breed. More

Chapter 9: Prison Pet Partnership


A partnership with Corrections Victoria has proven a godsend for the Greyhound Adoption Program, as inmates at minimum security Dhurringile and Tarrengower prisons have helped prepare hundreds of former racing greyhounds for life as a pet. More

Chapter 10: Greyhound Adoption Program


Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program’s headquarters in Seymour has been in operation since 2004. Thousands of greyhounds have been temporarily housed at the multi-million dollar facility before being adopted into loving homes. More