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Jordan & Monty

The special relationship between Jordan Sanders and Monty has been significant in Jordan’s development, as he suffers from a mild mental ailment that affects his learning ability. Monty has helped Jordan through tough times and is considered the 13 year-old’s “best mate”.
Jordan Sanders is a 13 year-old boy from Ballarat who lives with his mother Cassie and their beautiful ten year-old greyhound Monty. Their story is special because since Monty was adopted into the family, Jordan’s personal development has been significant.
After a time of struggle at school and a nasty bullying incident, compounded by a break-in at the family home, Jordan’s confidence and self-esteem were at an all time low.
Then, along came Monty.
Monty was able to teach Jordan extremely valuable life skills, by having to take care of the greyhound all by himself. It is Jordan’s responsibility to feed and walk Monty, which is something that gives him a fantastic sense of purpose, and has led to him becoming more confident and given him a boost in self-esteem.
Due to Jordan’s learning disability, Cassie decided it was best to move him to a specialist school. Not only has Monty been a big influence on Jordan, he has brought a sense of happiness to Jordan’s peers at the Ballarat Specialist School as well, with the students all adoring the greyhound as much as Jordan.


Monty & Jordan