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Enter Your Greyhound Into GAP

To enter your greyhound into GAP you will need to go through the following process.


Step 1: Read the New Intake Model page


Step 2: Call the GAP Office and arrange an appointment at one of the testing days (03) 5799 0166


Step 3: When the GAP Staff tell you, you will need to login to FastTrack and retire your greyhound to GAP (please see below)

First login to

Now go to the my dogs section of FastTrack:



You will need to select the dog you wish to retire to GAP by clicking on the Actions link (under the Options tab):


This will bring you to the following screen:




In the coloured box at the top of the screen you will see a link that says “Enter my dog into GAP”.

Clicking on this will bring you to the below screen. Here you will need to enter some information about your greyhound.




Once this is completed, hit SUBMIT.


STEP 4: You will then need to take your greyhound to the appointed testing day for assessment.