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Educational Webinar 2: Reserve your place

GAP Victoria is set to host the second of its free Educational Webinars on Wednesday 19 April as part of National Adoption Month.

Join renowned vet Dr Bec as she discusses how to best take care of a greyhound, from their diet and exercise to any health concerns that are common for the breed.

Bec is a veterinarian with a passion for pet greyhounds. Actually, she’s pretty much nuts for all animals, but Greys are extra special.

Bec runs the GAP veterinary clinic in Seymour – where she sees thousands of beautiful greys going to new homes. Many (if not most) of these new homes have not had a greyhound before.

Bec really wants new parents to have the information they need to keep their pet grey healthy and happy, so on top of her work with GAP she’s created Greys Matter, where people can find answers to their questions.

Click here to reserve your place.