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We had a mission, we choose to accept it, and 70 greyhounds found their new homes!

Over the past week, Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program joined with eight other rehoming agencies to promote the idea of adoption, in our case, adoption of greyhounds.

To make more dogs available to more people, an ‘open weekend’ was held at the GAP Tullamarine kennels over both days, October 8 and 9. The great news is that 70 beautiful dogs are now in their retirement homes from the week’s activities – 30 on Saturday alone!

It hasn’t taken long for the fan mail to come in. Already, GAP has received emails, messages and photos of newly re-homed long-dogs claiming beds and finding out about their new friends and surroundings.

GAP’s Adoption Manager Larissa Hubbard was particularly chuffed by the fact that some long-term greyhounds also found homes, like Cleo. “We were so pleased that after waiting for 11 months to find a forever home all of her own, beautiful and shy Cleo was adopted on the weekend!”
“GAP would like to thank all who came to visit us on the weekend. We know you’ll have a great time with your new family member.”

The excitement of the weekend may be over, but GAP continues to find loving dogs for loving homes. Click here to see more.