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More greyhounds headed for happy homes.

BirdThere were plenty of smiling faces and wagging tails at the Greyhound Adoption Program’s Seymour adoption day on Saturday, but few tails were more ‘waggier’ than those on the end of four greys that have been with GAP for an extended stay. Two girls – Buttons and Missy, and two blokes, Cairn and Bird, finally found their homes.

Two-year-old Bird (pictured left, with his new owners) had been with GAP for 212 days, but it wasn’t a sentence for bad behaviour! Bird had actually damaged his back leg while running around like a silly pup, and he’s been on the ‘sick list’ for some time, while GAP staff have looked after him and tended to his injuries. Having reached match fitness (and having realised he can’t run into trees like that), he’s finally found a loving home.

All four of these ‘long-termers’ have benefitted greatly from GAP’s behavioural programs, where dogs that have been retired from racing undergo a period of socialisation to get them ready for the sights, sounds and everyday experiences of daily life. Some of these dogs may never have seen a television before, or even experienced a slippery floor. They also need to recognise other dogs and people, as many would have only had other greyhounds for company.

Likewise, three-year-old Missy (who had been with GAP for 153 days) has headed off to her new home after some care and attention at GAP for a mild heart murmur. She’s all good now, and won’t need any special care and can be a hilarious funster with a big personality.

GAP is open for adoptions at their Tullamarine facility from Monday to Saturday by appointment. See the available greys, and read a bit about them, here at GAP.GRV.ORG.AU. You might find a Missy, or a Bird, of your own…