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Things you should know before taking your greyhound on a road trip

Below are some simple tips from us to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

(Please note: the below list has been compiled with greyhounds in mind, however much of it applies to all dogs)

1) Make sure your contact details have been updated on your greyhound’s microchip prior to leaving for your holiday. Having a tag on your grey’s collar that includes its name as well as your phone number is also a great idea.

2) If your greyhound is on any medication, make sure you have packed enough to last you the entire trip away.

3) Place familiar things in your car such as bedding and toys to make your greyhound feel more comfortable and relaxed.

4) On hot days, try to travel early in the morning before the heat reaches its peak around lunchtime/afternoon. If this cannot be avoided, made sure you keep the car well ventilated with plenty of air conditioning reaching your grey. Wet towels and ice blocks can also help keep your grey’s temperature down. We also recommend the use of sunshades on windows to prevent too much sun coming through.

5) Stop for regular breaks. This is so your greyhound can get out, stretch their legs, go to the toilet, and have some water/food before jumping back in the car. Monitor how much your grey is eating and drinking to make sure they are not experiencing adverse effects from the car travel or any hot weather.

6) Have the names and numbers of a few vets at your holiday destination should you need to make an appointment.

7) Never leave your greyhound unattended in a car. Dogs can die very quickly from heat stress even on mild days.