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What’s better than one greyhound? Two!

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew and Robyn welcomed two greyhounds into their hearts and home in North Ringwood. Pippa and Raj (formerly Rah) came as a package deal from GAP, as the siblings rely heavily upon each other for support and guidance.

Andrew and Robyn are well acquainted with the greyhound breed as they have owned three other greyhounds over the years; Ali, Zac (aka Black Mac) and then Zelda, who only recently passed away from kidney failure leaving the couple devastated.

They were already looking to adopt a second greyhound when Zelda was alive as they have always owned two dogs at a time but following Zelda’s death it just so happened that Pippa and Raj were looking for a forever home. Maybe it was luck or fate but the addition of the two siblings into their lives has helped both Andrew and Robyn recover from the loss of Zelda.

So how are Pippa and Raj adapting to their new home? “It’s interesting that they cannot be separated. They are constantly touching each other and have lots of play fights like they are puppies,” Andrew explains.

Greyhounds have been the dog of choice for the couple as they are very intelligent and give a lot of love back. In fact, as soon as they leave a room the dogs follow them almost straight away. Pippa chooses to follow Andrew, while Raj prefers to wander after Robyn.

For anyone considering adopting a greyhound, Andrew has this advice: “Be open minded. They sleep most of the time and eat almost anything, which you have to be careful about. They don’t like long walks, but short ones are great. They will come when called inside, but outside keep them on a leash. I think people think that, as they are large dogs, they cost a lot to feed that is simply not true.”

Pippa and Raj sleeping