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Marshall Finds a Home – Fostering in Isolation

The beginning of our third week of fostering brought the realisation that Marshall would be leaving Megan and I and finding a fur-ever home. The upside to the final week of having Marshall was the leaps and bounds in his training progress. Marshy really came out of his shell and made himself much more at home, finding comfort on the couch and a spot in the back garden to lay in and enjoy the sun.


Marshall was again introduced to other dogs of all shapes and sizes and was super friendly and wanted to play more and more with his new friends. He became closer to the neighbours; always greeting them with an excited wagging tail and a nose poking through the gate for pats.

With the week winding to a close, Marshall discovered that the couch was not his place, but also loved the idea of pushing the boundaries to make it his own. There were many movie nights for Marshall where all three of us were on the couch relaxing and watching sci fi movies to pass the endless isolation.


We were contacted by Rose from GAP to arrange a time to drop Marshy back at the Tullamarine Kennels so he could be retested and adopted. On the morning of dropping him back we were very sad that he was leaving us, but also more excited that he would be finding a loving family to care for him and make him the best pet ever.

We did some digging and found out that Marshall passed all his tests and got adopted! Job well done by all. Our number 1 top fostering tip of the week is, sign up on the waiting list for another foster! We are super excited to have another greyhound with us and repeat the process, it was so much fun and we are so proud of Marshall’s progress and how good he looks in beanies.


We thoroughly enjoyed having Marshall with us. Having kept up his training across the three week period, the timid greyhound that arrived (and had no idea what the TV was) left us super friendly, comfortable with the noises of the new Star Wars movies, and at home on the couch and the garden. We will miss you Marshall!


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