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GRV, GAP thank ‘invaluable’ volunteers

Changing lives, changing communities was the theme of the 2020 National Volunteers week, and for the team at the Greyhound Adoption Program, this theme could not ring truer. Volunteers at GAP work across three roles from foster caring greyhounds to community engagement and greyhound enrichment.

GAP’s 620+ volunteer workforce changes the lives of each greyhound they come into contact with. Through their hard work in preparing our greyhounds to find their forever homes the volunteers also change the lives and communities of our adopters.

Today GAP hosted a Zoom morning tea to thank our volunteers, recognise their work over the past year and show our appreciation for the work they do for our greyhounds.

GRV Chair Peita Duncan acknowledged the impact volunteers have on GAP.

“GAP Volunteers are an integral part of the process of rehoming greyhounds. Through promoting the breed, to taking in greyhounds for foster care and enriching their experiences at GAP, the volunteers are an invaluable piece of the GAP rehoming puzzle. For their ongoing hard work, I say thank you to every volunteer and admire the work you all do every day with our beautiful greyhounds.”

Across the morning volunteers told us their stories of falling in love with the breed and the volunteer process at GAP. The stories from many different volunteers all seemed to match up to one key message, everyone falls in love with greyhounds and all the volunteers love their dogs and love the work they do with their greyhounds. In fact, they love it so much its hardly work at all!

GRV CEO Alan Clayton made it clear of his appreciation for the volunteer workforce that GAP relies on so heavily.

“We need your work and we need your help,” Alan said. “You have all been really helpful and for that you have my absolute gratitude. I’m so pleased that we are all part of the same team.”

From all of us here at GRV and GAP, to all our volunteers we say thank you, for not only changing the lives of the greyhounds, but the immeasurable impact that you have educating the community about the beautiful greyhound breed.