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Ronnie – A love story in pictures

Since adopting Ronnie at the GAP 3 Day adoption event in January 2020, Yvonne and Matt have fallen head over heels in love with their greyhound Ronnie. “Ronnie came into our lives at the GAP adoption Day in January. He is absolutely the centre of our world and the best thing to have happened to us” said Yvonne. We have been lucky enough to experience Ronnie’s first 3 months through pictures.


Yvonne and Matt the moment they adopted Ronnie.



Ronnie’s settled in well at his new home, he is a big bouncy boy with a long nose, which is at perfect kitchen bench height



Ronnie has settled in so well to the inner-city life in his new our cosy little apartment and has quickly accustomed to joining Yvonne and Matt’s adventures to local cafes, breweries, and beyond.



Although he has a ‘butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth’ look about him, Ronnie is a long-snooted farting machine who will stand in your way and hold his ground when there is something that he wants and will find any excuse to sneak around you and onto the couch.



Ronnie always has a spring in his step, he is so sweet and handsome the Yvonne and Matt can help but smile whenever they see him



Due to COVID-19 with his both Humans working from home, Ronnie has taken on the role of wellbeing coordinator, and takes to checking in on Yvonne and Matt with many opportunities for cuddles, and making sure his nose is always in their faces when the moment is just ever so convenient.



Yvonne and Matt are feeling so lucky to have found Ronnie, “we lucked out with Ronnie – couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dog and couldn’t imagine life without him”

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For more info on Ronnie’s life in inner city Melbourne, check out his dedicated Instagram page @Ronnie_mcmeng