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It’s a dog’s life…

Living on the Murray River should be everybody’s idea of perfect, and one recent resident is making the most of it.

It’s been little more than two months since Hayley, who lives in Tooleybuc, welcomed her greyhound Girly into her life and nothing has been the same since. “Greyhounds make the best pets and are so underrated! They are truly just big lovable lazy goofballs” Hayley explains.

Girly is the model greyhound who is toilet trained, amazing to walk on the lead and good around other dogs. She also has her fair share of unusual behaviour which Hayley elaborates on:

“Girly’s a pretty quirky dog. She has such a strong personality and at times can be a bit of a diva. She is obsessed with teddy bears, if she finds a teddy bear, she will take it. Most other soft toys are safe, but teddy bears are never safe when she’s around. She also loves laying down in water. She won’t swim, she will just get into the water and lay down straight away.”

Hayley confesses that she had been obsessed with greyhounds for quite a long time and spent heaps of time researching them prior to making the decision to adopt. So, what has been the best thing about owning a greyhound?

“They’re low maintenance and give plenty of laughs and love! Watching Girly do zoomies around the house and the backyard is so entertaining. Once she gets puffed out (which takes like 2 minutes) she’s ready for lots of pats and cuddles. Also, nobody ever told me how soft greyhounds are!”