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Goofballs and Noodles

Ben Guerra was not expecting such an energetic and playful new friend when in 2018 he adopted Tom at a GAP adoption day in Bendigo. He was surprised when he first got Tom home to Greensborough. “I had always heard that greyhounds were laid back dogs, but that’s not the case for Tom, he has the biggest personality” said Ben. “He warmed up to me as soon as he knew we were at home.”

The best thing about Tom, according to Ben, is the companionship that he has from Tom. “No matter how I’m feeling he makes me smile from ear to ear. He’s the biggest goofball going around.”

“Tom is so uncoordinated. When I say we are going for a walk he bounces around the house. He also loves getting in your face, when I lay down on the couch after work, I can’t have a nap without a massive kiss from Tom first.”

Everyone who meets Tom thinks that he is “the cutest noodle going around” said Ben. “I have had him so far for two years and I’m so excited for many more to come.”

We asked Ben if he would recommend a GAP greyhound as a pet and his response was overwhelmingly positive. “They are kind and compassionate, loyal to their owners and they are the best pets” said Ben.

“I don’t think the breed is talked up enough, they are sometimes looked over by people because they are retired race dogs and people think this doesn’t make them good pets, but it’s just not the case”.

“I don’t know what I could live without Tom now, he is such a big part of my life and he is the cutest most goofbally noodle ever!”