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Filling the GAP – How to become a GAP Foster Carer

Entering retirement life can be very daunting for a greyhound. Many of our greyhounds that come into the program after racing need some extra help in a home environment before finding the perfect couch for them to spend the rest of their retirement.

In order to get these greyhounds ready for their furever home our dedicated Foster Care team help Fill the GAP between racing to retirement.

Being a foster care volunteer is a rewarding job and is a great way to get to know and understand greyhounds as pets. Anyone can be a GAP Foster Carer. GAP is always looking for people to foster with different living arrangements and situations to help support the range of different dogs that enter the program.

As a foster carer you will be required to take your greyhound for 1 or 2 short walks per day, preferably in an area where they can observe dogs of other breeds at a distance. You will also need to help them get familiar to a range of other things including stairs, carpets, other pets and kids.

If fostering is something that you would like to do, we are holding our first Foster Care Drive at Sandown Adoption Day on Saturday, 22 June.

In order to be part of this event follow the simple steps below

  1. Apply to be a GAP foster carer – All of our foster carers must have their application approved in order to participate in the induction. The application allows GAP to understand your living arrangements and to help match the right foster dog to you.
  2. Register to attend an induction session – All foster carers must complete an induction session before receiving their foster dog. This induction allows us to tell you more about GAP, the roles and responsibilities of a GAP Foster Carer as well as some useful tips and information when fostering.
  3. Pick up your foster greyhound – Once you have completed your induction you can start fostering. All greyhounds are pre-matched to a foster carer beforehand and GAP will help organise a time and location for you to pick up your new foster dogs.

For more information and details on fostering with GAP please contact

Click here to join our Foster Care Team