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Summer foster friends

This festive period, the Chandler household warmly welcomed foster greyhound number six – Freddy. Meanwhile, the Phillips household fostered their second greyhound, Bill, for four weeks. The Chandler and Phillips households are good friends, so Bill and Freddy were often seen out and about together in Essendon – on walks and at the local “pet wash.”

Bill and Freddy loved walking in Queens Park and Freddy was great at showing Bill how to stay calm around ducks and seagulls! Walking together, the greyhound duo often attracted attention, compliments, and pats from passersby. Everyone thinks they’re gorgeous boys and their foster carers agree.

Freddy is a great greyhound. He is calm and ready to settle into his role as the perfect hound around the house. He is a delight on the lead and responsive to his name. Freddy would be fine with children and a doggy buddy.

Bill has a lot of energy. Although he has great house manners, he needs owners who are willing to work on his lead skills and can calm him when he gets excited as he can pull strongly. Bill can be bouncy and a little clueless of his size. Being the goofy young guy that he is, Bill would be suited to a household with teenagers but not small children. Bill is fine at home by himself and would be okay as an only pet. He likes water and has learned commands such as stay and sit (not many greyhounds can sit).

As foster carers, it was a pleasure to get to know these two dogs and giving them back to GAP was a lot harder than expected. We know the families who get the honour of welcoming Freddy and Bill into their hearts and homes are going to be very fortunate.


Both Freddy and Bill were adopted at the Seymour Adoption Weekend.

Freddy was adopted by a young family and their grandmother in Castlemaine. They live a couple of doors away from each other, so Freddy will be sharing his living arrangements between the two households. Bill was adopted into a loving home in Brunswick.

Many of the greyhounds who come to GAP need a little extra help in the home environment before they are ready for their forever homes. This is where our foster carers come in! These volunteers foster a greyhound for a few weeks to help them transition to life in a home. Learn more about fostering greyhounds here: