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Adoption Day: Meet the Greyhounds looking for homes in Shepparton

Adoption Day is around the corner and there will be around 30 greyhounds looking for new homes in Shepparton on Sunday, December 2 from 11am to 1pm.

These greyhounds have successfully passed the GAP assessment and are ready to find forever homes. Meet some of the incredible dogs below:



Stripe is a three-year-old retired racing greyhound. Her terrific ears perk up when she meets people. She is very energetic and would love an active household with someone who will play with her. Stripe is affectionate and loves belly rubs. She has spent time around children and is very gentle with them. She is excitable and at times a little full on, but she is learning to keep calm and carry on.



Alfie is a two-year-old retired racing greyhound. She is a little shy, but she has really come out of her shell. Some things still spook Alfie though, so she is looking for a home in a quiet area. Alfie is playful and loves doing zoomies, but she is not very spatially aware. She’d love a home with a large backyard to stretch her legs. She’s spent time with older kids and thinks they are a lot of fun.



Rambunctious Ricky is a four-year-old, playful greyhound who loves toys. He is very affectionate, super silly and loads of fun. Ricky is a high-energy, gregarious dog that will have you running around and playing on the ground with him. Ricky would love another fun, robust and playful pooch to play with, but may enjoy the down time with some toys to keep him busy while you’re away.


There are plenty more dogs available for adoption on Sunday. To learn about the rest of the greyhounds who will be at the Shepparton Adoption Day, click here.

If you are interested in attending the Adoption Day and adopting a greyhound, please register for the event here.