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Karin says welcome to Warragul

As a proud Gippsland resident and lover of greyhounds, Karin Rigg’s worlds are coming together this weekend.

Trafalgar resident Karin is one of the many GAP volunteers who will be helping at our adoption day at Warragul this Sunday.

It will be the first time that GRV has hosted one of its famous adoption days in Gippsland and no one is happier than Karin.

In her time a GAP foster carer she has fostered nine greyhounds, which she takes into her home for a few weeks at a time to help the dogs transition from the kennel to a new life as a household pet. Walking on slippery floors, managing stairs and hearing common household sounds for the first time, such as the vacuum cleaner and the TV can be daunting for a greyhound that is still getting used to life away from the kennel.

This will be Karin’s second adoption day. She was among the small army of volunteers who attended the event at GAP’s headquarters in Seymour earlier this year.

The event was such a positive experience for Karin that she jumped at the chance to participate in the Warragul day. She is looking forward to answering questions and passing on useful tips about training and greyhound behaviour which she has gleaned from her time as a foster career, as she did at the Seymour event.

“I love animals and I think I understand them,” she said. She and her husband Keith have a 12-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier called Kirra who, along with her foster dogs, is enough for the time being.

“I know they have to go back. This way I am helping lots of greyhounds, not just one.”