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Todd McKenney to front inaugural National Adoption Day

In a national first, every Australian state will combine next month for the GAP National Adoption Day with Sky Racing signing on as a naming rights sponsor.

Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania will each host an adoption day on April 29 as part of a nation-wide push to boost awareness of greyhounds as pets.

Theatre star, radio host and TV personality Todd McKenney has signed on to be the official ambassador for the National Adoption Day.

McKenney, who has two pet greyhounds of his own, said he had fallen in love with the breed since learning about greyhound adoption from a friend.

“They are such a beautiful breed and often misunderstood. People’s perception of a greyhound and the reality of what a greyhound is actually like as a pet can often be two different things,” McKenney said.

“They’re lazy, they’re loving and they run like the wind – it’s amazing to watch. But they are just really relaxed dogs. They are chilled out, I love that energy around me, they’re just slow, lazy and gorgeous.”

Victoria’s adoption day will be held at The Meadows racetrack, running from 11am to 3pm.

Greyhound Racing Victoria’s adoption program adopted out a record 1314 dogs in 2016-17, smashing the record set the previous year of 798.

GRV also recently opened the GAP Café, the first Melbourne-based café to have a greyhound theme with the intent of being a city-based showcase for its adoption program.

Last weekend the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club hosted GRV’s fourth greyhound community day, a concept that invites pet greyhounds and their owners from around the state to meet together and socialise.

GRV CEO Alan Clayton said the National Adoption Day was another initiative that fit with GRV’s focus on animal welfare as its overriding priority.

“We want to ensure the best possible life for every Victorian greyhound before, during and after their racing careers,” Mr Clayton said.

“It is wonderful to be able to unite with the greyhound racing governing bodies of every other state in Australia to present what will be a momentous day for greyhound adoption in this country.”

Q&A with the GAP National Adoption Day Ambassador – Todd McKenney