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Milestone for Baxter

The Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) smashed another record last month when its Baxter facility adopted out its 300th greyhound. Three-year-old Floyd was the dog that set the milestone for GAP, which has already surpassed its adoption record from the last financial year.

Floyd’s new owner Catherine Cloherty said she had no idea her new pet was famous among the staff at Baxter, but told Greyhound Racing Victoria he had settled in extremely well.

“I did some research and decided that when I was ready a greyhound was the best choice for us,” Ms Cloherty said. “He has fitted in so well – he just does what he’s told.”

The Cloherty family (pictured) weren’t the only ones with their eye on Floyd, with another family turning up to Baxter on the same day with the attention of adding him to their tribe.

“I was looking at Floyd, but another family came along to see him as well and I thought, oh well they got to him first. But I really wanted him, so I watched him and he just looked so calm and obedient. Then I was told the family decided against adopting him because he was too big for their young son,” Ms Cloherty said. “I took him for a walk and I knew straight away, this is the dog for us.”

The Frankston resident said she surprised her two children by bringing Floyd home, and both were stoked.

Michelle Fisher is the Greyhound Adoption Program’s caretaker at the Baxter facility, which has been operating since May last year and opened to make it more convenient for people living in Victoria’s south east to adopt a greyhound.

Mrs Fisher said the facility had grown in its short existence, rehoming an average of six dogs each week.

GAP celebrated its 21st birthday in March this year. To find out more about greyhounds as pets go to