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FREAKISH OCCURRENCE: Litter mates reunite after Greyhound Adoption Day

A REMARKABLE coincidence left Boronia woman Fiona Quinn dumbfounded after last weekend’s adoption day at Sandown Park.

Thirty-six dogs were up for adoption at the event last week, and of all these dogs Ms Quinn was drawn to Champ. Little did she know at the time that her new pet was the brother to a dog she already owned.

Tazzy, who Ms Quinn adopted in July, was already at her home unaware her brother was about to become her newest companion.

Ms Quinn said she had no idea, and only realised when she spoke to the last owner.

“I rang the previous owner when I got home that afternoon, to let them know the dog has found a good home,” she said.

“When Donna answered, she said oh you’ve adopted Bronte (now Tazzi), and I went silent then said you have to be kidding me.”

“She was just as surprised as I was.”

The dogs come from the same litter, and Ms Quinn believed Champ was born first and Tazzi born last.

The pair turned two in December.

Ms Quinn said they look nothing alike, one Brindle and the other black.

The adopter got involved with GAP around 10 years ago after she saw a story on ABC.

Manager of Greyhound Adoption Program Larissa Hubbard couldn’t believe it either.

“It was an amazing coincidence,” she said.

“What are the odds? We always love it when litter mates end up together but it happens so rarely.”

Ms Quinn said she would never adopt another breed now, and took Tazzi in when she lost her other greyhound, Venus, due to kidney failure in June.

“I can’t believe out of all the dogs I could have taken, out of 36, I chose him.”

The next adoption day will be held at The Meadows on Sunday 1 May, where there will be more than 70 dogs up for adoption, including puppies.

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