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Noble Name for a Roman Nosed Greyhound

On occasions GAP have greyhounds come into their kennels that have special needs.  Usually they just need a little more TCL than others, but that’s not hard to give when you own a greyhound…they are usually spoilt rotten.

At last month’s Adoption Day at The Meadows, Oscar was one of those greyhounds. Oscar has what’s known as Osteochondrosis, a bone condition where normal bone growth is interrupted.  As he is not yet one year old and already a large boy, GAP staff are hopeful he will grow out of it when he’s older.

This ailment didn’t put off Janet Williams and daughters Zoe and Eleni. In fact, Janet said they were encouraged and wanted to adopt him even more because of his condition.

With hounds already in the family – Janet’s grandfather had an afghan hound and her father had a deer hound – it was natural for Janet to follow suit. Mabon, was their first greyhound, who unfortunately passed away recently so the family decided it was time to adopt another greyhound.

Janet had her eye on Oscar for a few weeks, however her youngest daughter Eleni, who attended the day with her, didn’t know this.

“She (Eleni) made a bee line for Oscar as soon as we got into the room and fell head over heels in love with him,” Janet explained.

So the decision was made, Oscar was to come home with them. The family has decided to rename Oscar Eirin. Janet and the family, give each dog they own a Welsh name.

“He is now known as Eirin which is short for Aneirin and means noble. We came to this name because has a gorgeous long Roman nose. His nose is stunning,” Janet explains.

“Eirin is still a puppy and, despite his bone condition, he likes to play and throw his soft toys around – he’s pretty cheeky in general. Anything soft like socks or tea towels, he’ll take to his bed,” Janet said.

“Eirin follows Eleni around all the time, and Eleni loves it!”

Rose Streatfeild, GAP Communication Coordinator, also noticed the instant connection between the pair at the Adoption Day.

“You could see as soon as Eleni walked into the room and spotted Eirin’s photo on the handout she was in love with him. Her face just beamed love and you could see Eirin felt the same way,” .

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Eirin showing off his greatest asset, his Roman nose.