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Greyhounds make Impression at Girls Night Out

While in excess of 90 greyhounds enjoyed the fun of racing at Beckley Park in Geelong on July 31, behind the glass of the grandstand a handful of retired racers were busy adding the perfect touch to a Girls Night Out event to raise funds for local foundation, the Andrew Love Cancer Centre.

Among them was Sonic (pictured above left), who took full advantage of the opportunity to dress up for the occasion and then set about socialising with those in attendance.

“I expected everyone there to be greyhound racing people, but there were others there on the night who knew very little about the breed and asked plenty of questions,” Sonic’s owner Judy Wilson said.

“A couple of people asked if all greyhounds were this gentle, and the answer of course was yes. One lady who was actually one of the speakers on the night said ‘I’m going to get one of those’, so that was nice to hear,”

Few are more passionate about the greyhound breed than Judy, who runs a regular walking group in Geelong.

“I run a greyhound walking group but it’s not restricted to greyhounds. We encourage all dog breeds who are greyhound-friendly to join us because this demonstrates to the public that greyhounds get along with other breeds,” she said.

“The walks provide a great opportunity for owners of pet greyhounds to socialise and, more importantly, create awareness about greyhounds as pets as we are often stopped by people in the street who ask inquisitive questions.”

For more information and dates surrounding the Geelong Walking Group, Click Here

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