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Pictorial: Grubby’s Clean Transition from Racer to Pet in Foster Care

Grubby’s foster carers decided that it would be good to document his journey.

It was a time where Grubby was to learn all he needed to know about becoming a family pet as well as adapting to new surroundings and experiences.

Much of his time was spent in an office with his foster carer as he enjoyed long days on the couch and plenty of attention from workers wanting to de-stress. When at home he got to walk on the beach, enjoy local cafes and make new friends.

Below, his time in foster care is documented through a pictorial representation.

Riding in the car for the first time…

Grubby was picked up from GAP and got ready for the big drive back to the city. Little did he know that he would be spending the majority of his time during foster care in an office.

Grubby Day 1 640

Discovery of his favourite blue couch…

It doesn’t take long for greyhounds to adapt to their new surroundings. It didn’t take long for Grubby to make himself very comfortable at the office. Greyhounds have a remarkable knack at being able to seek out a couch and once they know its there, it’s very hard to get them off!

Grubby Couch 2 640

Comfort level: Expert

This blue couch would be where Grubby lay for the majority of the days he spent at the office. Having a greyhound in the office is something that benefits staff because whenever there is the tiniest bit of stress all you have to do is look over at the greyhound to make things better. Greyhounds are consummate gurus in the art of relaxation.

Grubby Sleeping 1 640

Being able to look back and see this…

As staff would come to find out, the relationship between a greyhound and their selected couch is a sacred one. Nothing will separate them from their chosen sleeping place. Each photo in this post is from a different day. Grubby made sure that he tested out every type of position on the couch to ensure he could reach maximum comfort.

Grubby Couch Backwards640

Playful and comfortable…

There’s not much more you can say about Grubby’s love of the blue couch in the office. 

Grubby Couch Smile 640

Heading to the beach…

Grubby’s time in foster care wasn’t only spent on a couch (despite all the photos!). Grubby was fostered by a couple that live near the beach. Each morning and night he would go for a big walk being taught how to interact with other dogs and also becoming used to different surroundings. The first time he went to the beach he was greeted with a beautiful sunset, which he seemed to like!

Grubby First Time at Beach 2 640

From couch surfer to beach goer…

Each time he went to the beach he became more accustomed to it. Originally the sound of the waves (albeit small waves) would interest him. Once he was used to it he loved it and would always wag his tail as soon as he caught site of the ocean.

Grubby beach 1 640

A very ‘Melbourne’ greyhound…

Another of Grubby’s favourite things to do during foster care was to frequent the local cafe. Every time he was there he would receive so much attention from people walking past. People would ask why he was wearing a muzzle and the foster carers would explain the adoption process. The people at the cafe ended up knowing Grubby’s name and even took turns holding him while the carers went inside to get their vital morning coffee. He became a loved part of the community in a short time. Something that greyhounds seem to be able to do in almost every situation. 

Grubby Cafe 1 640

Grubbles and Bubby…

During his time in foster care, Grubby also made some friends. He was introduced to Australian Bulldog Bubbles and they got along famously. It was probably because they both shared the same love for couches. Here, the two are on the couch together and are both extremely tired after a massive afternoon following each other around the backyard. Grubby and Bubbles were so inseparable that you could be excused for getting their names mixed up!

Grubby and Bubbles640

Familiar friends… 

There was also a familiar type of friend that came into the office. Pippa, the greyhound, was being picked up by her new owner and Grubby decided to keep her company.

Grubby and Pippa640

Off to be adopted… 

Finally, after all the excitement of foster care, the day came where Grubby would go off to Baxter to be picked up by his new owners. As he jumped into the car to begin the journey down the highway, his foster carers said goodbye knowing that he was going to make his new owners the happiest people on earth.

Grubby going home 640


Grubby already has a home waiting. 


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