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Triple Treat at GAP Adoption Day

On Sunday, GAP will hold another of its ‘Adoption Days’ at The Meadows and there will be a special triple treat for those that attend.

Three greyhounds – from the same litter – will go to the adoption day in the hope of finding their forever home.

Wilson, Junior and Daisy were all bred by Cheryl Morris of Sale with Cheryl also training both Wilson and Junior throughout their careers.

When the GAP adoption team went to Sale, Cheryl thought it was the perfect opportunity to place her greyhounds into GAP because as she says ‘you have to do all you can to find a home for your greyhounds once they have finished racing’.

Cheryl revealed that Junior and Wilson have been great friends throughout their entire lives and have been by each other’s side since birth.

“They (Wilson and Junior) are best mates,” Morris said.

“When one would go to the track and the other would stay home, they wouldn’t settle until the other one was home.”

The pair was even kennelled next to each other through their racing days and shared a kennel as puppies.

“They never really had a pecking order and would always get along. They were always there together.”

“They did everything together; galloping in the yards, trialling and even racing.”

Cheryl says that all the greyhounds in the litter had wonderful temperaments and that they would make fantastic pets.

“Junior is a big leaner, he will just lean on you all day because he can’t be bothered taking his own weight. I think when he walks his paws wouldn’t get two inches off the ground,” she laughed.

“Wilson can be a little bit of a stronger dog, he’s always had a big opinion of himself.”

It was pure coincidence that the sister, Daisy, entered GAP at the same time as her two brothers.

“Daisy was sold to another trainer locally and has been around kids for much of her life.”

“I didn’t even realise that Daisy was going into GAP at the same time as the boys.”

Cheryl is a hobby trainer that is involved in the sport due to a love of the animal and has been waiting for her greyhounds to find a new home.

“I’ve been checking the GAP website to keep up to date with how they’re going and hopefully they find their loving homes this Sunday.”

Daisy, Wilson and Junior are all currently available for adoption and will be at the GAP Adoption Day this Sunday at The Meadows.


Sunday 26 April

The Meadows Greyhound Racing Association
80 Northcorp Boulevard, Broadmeadows

PIC: L-R: Daisy, Junior and Wilson are all looking for homes and will be at the Adoption Day this Sunday at The Meadows