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Greyhound Adoption Program Community ‘Green Collar’ Assessments

Greyhound Racing Victoria’s (GRV’s) Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) is fortunate to have a special exemption from the Domestic Animals Act that allows greyhounds that have successfully passed through this program to be walked on a leash in public without a muzzle, provided they are identified by their special, numbered, GAP Green Collar.

If you have a pet greyhound that you did not adopt from GAP the law states that you MUST have that greyhound muzzled and on a leash at all times when off your property.

Examples of greyhounds that fall into this category are those that have been adopted from an animal shelter or another greyhound re-homing group, and to those greyhounds given away as pets by their owners or trainers.

Just because your greyhound has not come from GAP, it does not mean that you cannot have it assessed for a Green Collar. GAP offers a Community ‘Green Collar Assessment’ program for Non-GAP Greyhounds at their kennels in Seymour, Central Victoria. There are a number of criteria that you and your greyhound will have to meet, and your greyhound must pass the GAP Temperament Assessment Test (to ensure that your greyhound would be safe in public without a muzzle on) prior to being awarded a Green Collar.


So What is Involved?
Greyhounds that are applying for a Community Green Collar Assessment need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your greyhound must be de-sexed (de-sexing certificate or tattoo must be sighted).
  • Your greyhound must be fully vaccinated (vaccination certificate to be sighted), at least 10 days prior to the testing day, according to the requirements below (ask your veterinarian to contact GRV if they need clarification):
    • C3 vaccination (Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis) within the last 2½ years; and
    • Kennel Cough vaccination (both Bordetella and Parainfluenza) within the last 6 months where the Bordetella component is given as an intra-nasal or oral* vaccine. * Note that while the intra-nasal kennel Cough vaccine protects against both Bordetella and Parainfluenza, the oral vaccine only protects against Bordetella. Therefore, if using the oral vaccine, the Parainfluenza vaccine will have to have been given by separate injection (either on its own or as part of a C4 vaccine).
  • Your greyhound must be sound and have no major, ongoing health problems.
  • Your greyhound must stay at the GAP kennels for several days to allow for temperament assessments to take place.
  • Your greyhound must pass a ‘small dog’ reaction test – ensuring that the greyhound would not show an excessive or dangerous reaction if encountering a small, active dog.
  • You must be prepared to sign a contract which outlines your responsibilities under law.

What does it cost?
GAP does not charge for the green collar assessment.

How long does it take to get in?
Provided your greyhound is de-sexed and has had the appropriate vaccinations, we aim to have them enter in the next available intake (usually 2-6 weeks away). You can arrange a time by calling GAP on (03) 5799 0166.

How do I find out more?
If you would like to book your greyhound in, contact GAP on (03) 5799 0166 or email If you are interested in finding out more about our GAP Community Green Collar assessments, please contact the GAP Staff on (03) 5799 0166 or email