Friday 10 August, 2012

Staff at the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) would like to provide a gentle reminder to greyhound owners to ensure their greyhounds are kept on leash in public areas.

GAP has been advised that many local councils are currently running a blitz on greyhounds that are being let off lead in public places. Not only is it illegal for greyhounds to be off-lead it also puts the greyhounds safety at risk.

Understandably, many owners like to let their greyhound’s off-leash so they can enjoy the freedom of doing what they do best, run. There are many places across Victoria specifically designed for greyhounds to run, these places are called ‘Slipping Tracks’.

Many municipalities have Slipping Tracks. These are safe, fenced facilities where you may legally let your greyhound run without fear of him/her running into a tree, straying onto a road, or getting themselves into trouble. 

Although greyhounds are very smart animals, sometimes their love for running gets the better of them and they can potentially put themselves in danger in public situations.

Greyhounds are animals that can run at extreme speeds and if they happen to catch sight of something, they could quite possibly be more than a kilometre away in no more than one minute.

Having a greyhound as a pet is a wonderful thing but with it comes some responsibilities that need to be respected and one of those is making sure your greyhound is always kept on a leash in public places.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact GAP:

Also, please read the Department of Primary Industries fact sheet about greyhounds: CLICK HERE to read.

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